The Beach Coach...

My name is Tricia Bard, & I'm a Beach Coach... I enjoy living at the beach and working in my flip flops (those darned high heels are just too uncomfortable with sand in them!)... I come and go as I please. I invite my own money to myself. I get paid for thinking, and I think abundantly. I get paid for making a difference... I help others break-free from ordinary and break-through to extraordinary... Perhaps I can be of service to you as well...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Am the Beach Coach-- New Look!

Nope, I didn't change my hairdo. Simply changed the name of my blog and a few other things that I think fit me better at this point in my life.

I am the BEACH COACH... in case you didn't read the title of my blog today.

I live at the beach and work in my flip flops (those darned high heels are just too uncomfortable with sand in them!)...

I come and go as I please.

I invite my own money to myself.

I get paid for thinking, and I think abundantly.

I get paid for making a difference...

I help others break-free from ordinary and break-through to extraordinary...

Wahoo- It's going to be an amazing ride!

See ya at the beach!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Money talks...

Kim Klaver posted this compelling information on her blog today-


In the 90's, NSA's top recruiters sold water filter packages of $5,000 - $125,000.The money-driven top bananas pulled in tens of thousands of dollars per month selling those big product packages. At meetings with thousands of newcomers, hundreds of reps lined up each night for the chance to tell their rags to riches stories on stage. Money was unbelievably good. Those who couldn't sell their product or get anyone else to buy in were belittled as complainers, uncommitted and negative, or small thinkers who couldn't see the big picture. (I was in those meetings.)

Understandably, the company didn't put on the brakes - it was good for them, too. Millions of dollars were rolling in each month. But when too many people complained they'd been talked into buying product they couldn't sell or get a refund for, the regulators stepped in. Tens of millions of dollars in refunds and fines were paid out by the company. Today they're very customer focused.

Enron also had a fabulous run because of their money-driven energy traders. Their management too, became very rich. And the stock zoomed. But the energy traders who led the charge were discovered doing all manner of unethical and illegal things, and the company collapsed when those stories were told. The company's stock price tanked and eventually, so did the company. The chairman, Key Lay, convicted of fraud last month, died of heart failure last week.

Quixtar (SIDEBAR FROM ME: This is the 'new' Amway) is also discovering what money-driven reps have done to the image of their company. Not being strong enough to put a stop to these practices (by terminating the offending reps) is one of the biggest reasons Quixtar's reputation is what it is. Who hasn't heard a story about those business meetings where no one will tell you what it's about until AFTER you get there - so fearful are they that people wouldn't come if they knew.

In an interesting post yesterday
(thanks, Ty), Robert Scoble notes that Quixtar is trying to shore up its image and declining sales.

Unfortunately, the image of any network marketing company is created primarily by the reps in the field. If the money-driven types are allowed to continue to hype and misrepresent income, and how easy it is to earn it, dead bodies will continue to litter the network marketing landscape, bringing down not only the companies who condone this behavior but the whole industry as well.

For things to change, the incentives need to change. For example, how about some big rewards and recognition for those who bring and take care of regular long term customers? (AMEN, KIM!)

So long as big recruiters get the most stage time, the most recognition, the biggest rewards and the most access to the company management, the image of our business will remain what it is...


Kim, I couldn't agree more... Having experienced firsthand more than a dozen MLM companies, nearly all allowed leadership to promote building from the 'top down'- going after the business builders first. That's where the big money was at, or so they said. And I believed that for years too!

Nothing was ever really said about gathering real Customers and then retaining those customers. What they said was 'get the business builders first- you will slow down your business by years, if you go after customers first. Your business builders will also be your customers, and those that quit will still be your customers.'

I remember being with Rexall Showcase International in the 90's, and watching sales plummet in 2000 when the company changed the comp plan so that people weren't coming in with big $2,000 and $4,000 orders. (Front-end loading, anyone?)

During the years the company allowed those high front-end orders, we were told 'oh, you'll sell these products in 90-120 days', but I can't begin to tell you the number of distributors who ended up with closets full of products.

The products were great, but overpriced, and when business builders quit building, most did not remain as customers. Even though they might have lowered their cholesterol or lost weight, the first month the budget got a little tight, the first thing to go was those high-priced nutritionals.

Not to mention the fact that most people are not salespeople and HATE SELLING! But that's a post for another day (stay tuned for Network Sales vs. Network Marketing, and why most people are doing Network Sales and miserably failing at it!).

Rexall merged with Enrich, and I remember being totally amazed at not only Enrich's annual sales volume in previous years (much more than Rexall's), but also the phenomenal Enrich 'culture'- their passion for the products and their incredible customer retention rate. From what I've heard, the merger 'killed' many of the Enrich reps' businesses because the culture after the merger totally changed.

Marketing guru Dan Kennedy had this to say in his book, "Prospecting Sucks!" (don't you just love that name?!)

"Make no mistake about this: the long-term prosperity of an MLM company as well as the distributors' businesses depends much more on the retention of inactive distributors as lifetime wholesale customers than it does on what the active business builders do."

This is an extremely powerful statement. My advice to anyone looking at affiliating with a Network Marketing company is to do your homework- find out whether the company focuses on customer acquisition and retention, and if you will be compensated well for gathering long-term customers.

Be forewarned: Oftentimes, you will not be able to discover the customer retention rate- generally because it's too low to advertise!

I also would recommend you ask yourself this question- Would I buy these products (at this price) if I were not participating in this business opportunity? If your answer is "NO", I'd advise you to keep looking! You will not be able to create long-term residual income in that environment.

If you are, in fact, looking for income diversification, may I recommend our free 7 Day Insider Secrets online seminar? You will learn what really works and what doesn't work in Network Marketing. You will also learn the critical factors necessary to create long-term residual income.

I just wish I had known this stuff 12 years ago when I first got into the industry. I would have saved myself lots of trial and eroor, not to mention time and money!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

When I get in the mood...

When I get in the mood, watch out! Don't get excited, Bill- I'm talking about blogging! :-)

Bill and I have had these two exciting business ideas for a few years now, and one of them is coming to fruition in our minds. It's something we think can be hugely successful, and it's time we got it going before someone else has the same idea. My latest online research shows that a few folks are trying to do something similar, but they're going about it all wrong. At least, in my humble opinion! We love multiple streams of income, and this one could be a nice 'supplement' to our Network Marketing business.

We have the perfect business partner in mind- our daughter, Erin! She is an entrepreneur/producer/accountant/promoter in Brooklyn, NYC. Love Ahoy is her brainchild- she produces this once a month, and it's a hit!

Erin, I know you read this, so call me when you do! You don't even have to move to Florida to do this!

I just found the funniest thing- scroll down the right side of my blog, and check out the "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards". The one that's up right now is a 'cat hater', and it's funny. This is too cool- as new ones are done, the card will change automatically on my blog. I just love all this modern technology.

We do rock. Yea!!!

Wow, we had a hot Fourth. No rain here that I can remember (except some sprinkles a few months ago) since Christmas! According to the newspaper, this is the driest year on record for our county since 1940. I didn't really even want to leave my house on the Fourth- there are lots of woods around us, and I was fearful of someone catching them on fire with a few home-blown fireworks. But all is well...

I have been 'lobbying' for years for a Whole Foods or Fresh Market or one of those types of wonderful stores to open in our area, and I had great news yesterday. FreshMarket is coming 15 minutes from my home. Yahoo!! In fact, I found a Mango Salsa recipe on their website that I'm making tonight to accompany grilled fish.

Speaking of food, we've done nothing but eat for the past few days. We've had family and friends visiting at various times over the Fourth weekend, and I dread to get on the scales again.

My Tri-Sigma sorority 'big sister' from FSU was in town, so we got to spend some time together. Hadn't seen her in 5 years, so it was really fun to catch up (and eat together!).

One recipe I found in this month's Coastal Living magazine is the best version of this dish I've ever tasted- Low-Country Shrimp and Grits with Vidalia Mustard Greens. The addition of mustard greens and sausage made it very scrumptious. We actually had enough left over to have it for breakfast the next two mornings (poached eggs on top were so.o.o.o...... good!). We made Bar-B-Qued Oysters on the grill, as an appetizer for this meal. They were to die for!

Kim Klaver has just started a new topic on her blog, and I find it very interesting- The Top 40 Network Marketing companies, according to Alexa's Traffic ranking.

The ranking is based on the number of visitors to company sites, tracked weekly by Alexa, the #1 traffic ranker on the Internet. The number to the right of each company's name is its Alexa rank. The lower the number, the better. I'm delighted to say that the company I'm affiliated with is near the top of the list!

I usually am not impressed with these types of lists, for various reasons. However, what I find so significant about Kim's list is the credibility it lends to the Network Marketing Industry. According to what Kim says, the top 7 companies outrank GNC (9,899), and Whole Foods (10,685), and the top eight outrank Trader Joe's (20,344). The top 10 NM companies on this list attract more visitors than the WalMart site at 23,456.

This, in my mind, shows that many people want to know about these companys' products, and their career alternatives.

As Kim says, "We do rock. Yea!!"

Sunday, June 25, 2006

This shoulda died...

Some of you know that I am on a mission to empower Network Marketers everywhere to win in this often-misunderstood industry. Along with Lou Abbott, my partner and friend, we are spreading the word about our free 7 Day Insider Secrets online seminar so they won't have to make the same mistakes we did (and lose money like we did initially!).

Others are on the same mission as well- so that people can learn what really works and what doesn't work in MLM. Kim Klaver is one whose work I totally respect- her most recent blog posting- Obituary: Old School Network Marketing Dies at 50 is right on. She says, "Old School died of complications from a terminal image problem and a misguided focus on big money".

SIDEBAR from me: It's really not dead yet- there are still way too many scams and schemes and business models out there that just flat out aren't good Business 101. Until people learn to differentiate a good business model from a bad one... all the hype from basic business fundamentals... they will continue to lose their hard-earned money, and the public's perception of the industry will continue to trend downward.

Kim states: "New School urges network marketers not to abandon their past, but let it help guide the future. She predicts that in time and with consistent practice in the new approaches, network marketing will become a jewel in mainstream American business."

Frankly, it won't unless the industry cleans up its act! And that's what we're trying to accomplish.

Business aside, Bill had his long-awaited knee surgery this past Wednesday. Diagnosis- just really bad arthritis. The good news is it could have been much much worse!

Today, he's being a grumpy patient. First day, his knee was so pumped full of painkillers that he was running around without crutches and without pain. Next day, that all changed. So Bill's hobbling around on crutches and trying to stay out of trouble.

Those of you who know my husband know that's pretty much a losing proposition- especially with so many things left to do at our new house (the one that was supposed to be finished a year ago!). New EMD (Estimated Move In Date)- sometime in the 21st Century.

We are so ready to get moved in- I can't wait!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Boggs on Sports...

Mike Boggs (Boggs on Sports) is one of my best friends. He's a young dude- much younger than me :-)... In fact, his mother is younger than me! We met a few years ago when Mike sent an email about an online project, and I ended up in partnership with Mike. We've done some Network Marketing projects together- some where he sponsored me, and vice versa.

Mike and I've been through some hard times together and some good times. Mike got divorced... our Seasilver business (can you say six-figures) went kaput... some other endeavors we stuck our toes in went south as well... and the list goes on...

Despite all, we've remained friends. What I admire so much about Mike is his ability to transform himself... Mike, I know you'll read this so I'm not going to share the personal details... but I just want to say that I think you are AMAZING! Bill and I both do. You have overcome some huge obstacles and are on track for what I believe is true greatness. I am proud of you, Kiddo!

By the way, Mike-y, I want your first autographed book! And I know you must look so cool in Bela's desk! Tee hee :-)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is really crazy...

I just had the most amazing conversation within 15 minutes after I posted this in my previous post- I AM ATTRACTING, WITH GOD'S BLESSING, THE PERFECT CUSTOMERS AND BUILDERS TO MASSIVELY GROW MY BUSINESS.

I talked to this fellow Networker from Texas, who is the top earner in another Network Marketing company, and he shared his similar values and mission with me. He too, like I was a couple of years ago, is fed up with so many people getting hurt and losing money in the MLM industry. He had seen one of our ads online for our free MLM The Whole Truth 7 Insider Secrets online seminar, and he bought one of our books.

What he has read so far has blown him away, just as it did me. We had a simply amazing conversation and will be talking again soon in the next few days. Our new MLM The Whole Truth 'self-funded, cold market, attraction marketing' system is working so well that it's hard for me to even grasp- the high quality of like-minded individuals who are 'attracted' to our message is staggering.

I just have this incredible vision of the people we are going to be able to help, by empowering them with the knowledge they need to make wise choices about what really works in MLM and what doesn't work.

And as Zig Ziglar said so well, "Help enough other people get what they want and you will get everything you want in life."

My mom just came in and told me she had just filled up her car with the most expensive tank of gas she had ever bought. The reality is that is what most Americans are facing today- they will try to drive less, and they will probably pay by credit card more. They'll stress out trying to figure a way to pay each month for the extra expense that rising gas prices create.

That got me to thinking about the sad fact that most people today are living on the financial 'edge', and the edge is getting closer. I truly believe that I have the ability to offer a personal solution to this problem. That gets me fired up!

Getting Old Really S...ks!

This getting old stuff really s...ks, if you let it get to you. I never realized Bill and I would have so many physical issues after we hit 50. The reality is that it's our fault. As baby boomers, we're the generation that refuses to grow old, so we've had a tendency to put off till tomorrow what we didn't want to do today... like exercise, drink more water, you know the drill...

My good friend Margaret (who's just a tad bit older than me- tee hee) told me the funniest story awhile back. She was in Ross shopping, and when she left the store, she saw a sign on the window that said 'Age 55 and older- get 10% discount'. Now Margaret has the you-know-what to go back in and tell the clerk she would like her 10% discount. The clerk said, "I already gave it to you~!" Margaret immediately made an appointment to have her hair colored and highlighted (you know, banish that gray!).

Well, I just cackled about this. People 'always' think I'm at least 10 years younger than I am. So I'm telling my daughters this story a few weeks ago when they were here on a visit, and we're hitting all the thrift stores, looking for deals.

I'm checking out at the Waterfront Rescue Mission in Fort Walton Beach, and the sales clerk (who looked about my 'real' age) said to me, "Tuesday is Seniors Day. Would you like your 10% discount?" (That's another personal rant of mine- businesses that advertise to Seniors 'over 50'. Don't they realize those are fighting words to Baby Boomers, who will always be teenagers at heart?!)

I almost went through the floor, and I said NO THANK YOU! My daughters were a few people behind me in line, and I was hoping they didn't hear. So much for that.... We get in the car, and they're dying laughing.

Man, I was depressed for a week! I mean, I won't even join AARP because I won't admit I'm over 50! OK, I admit it... I'm a little vain...

Visualize this skinny little girl in high school (valedictorian of my class- pretty nerd-y looking) with the blue horn-rimmed glasses... It's that 'adult child' within us that remembers all the things people said to us growing up- 'four-eyes'... 'you're too thin...' 'you're going to grow up to be just like your Aunt' (the one who was an old maid)... 'straighten up- your posture is awful!'... 'you have the biggest feet'... Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me... WRONG... unless I let them!

Some people have 'flat forehead moments''. For me, I guess it takes a brick hitting me over the head. When I got hospitalized a couple of months ago with heart attack symptoms and it turned out to be Mitral Valve Prolapse, my symptoms were triggered by stress, dehydration, and lack of exercise.

I am very fortunate- I realize that my ailments are caused by neglect, not by some chronic illness. My friend Leslie is going through bone cancer treatments right now (she had breast cancer a couple of years ago), and it's very tough for her. I pray for her and ask that God heal her body. And I truly do realize that I can change my physical condition, at this point, by my own CHOICE. Leslie right now doesn't have that option. My cousin Tommy just lost his beautiful wife Sally to liver cancer. I pray for him and ask that God heal his soul. And I realize just how fortunate I truly am.

My big pity party mainly stems from the crash of my Seasilver business (parent company was shut down for 6 weeks by the FTC for making medical claims) almost 3 years ago, to the day. Watching a 5-figure monthly check plummet to virtually nothing was devastating. However, I like to think of myself as an entrepreneur and ENTREPRENEURS are future-based, not past-based. I quit walking the walk... was just talking the talk...

So having pity parties about my loss was totally incompatible with the person I like to think I am- an abundance-minded future-thinking entrepreneur!


OK, with that said, I fired the conductor of the pity party band, and I'm moving on. Eating healthy, exercising (starting out slow, admittedly), being the best I can be in every way.... and I'm feeling GREAT again!

Now if I could just figure out a way to fire A.. (it's a 3-letter word) Coulter... Her latest rants about the 9/11 widows really ticked me off... She professes to be a Christian- but her behavior sure isn't God-like. Maybe the name of her new book really refers to her! I won't even say the name of it here- I refuse to fund her book sales, and I doggoned sure won't buy her book. Whether she herself believes what she says is not even relevant- it's all marketing calculated to 'drive' book sales.

However, as a Christian and a marketer myself, I totally believe that the energy you put out there will attract like-minded people and things, so A.. could have some 'interesting' things in store for her in the future.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Daughter... The Star!

Well almost! Alana is a freelance documentary film producer, currently producing 'First 48' for A&E, one of their top ranked shows. Too cool!

Season Four of "The First 48" begins airing this Thursday, June 15, at 9pm Eastern on A&E. The first episode is called "Loved to Death/Unmasked."

Starting with the premiere, almost every new episode should have a Memphis case in it that Alana shot and field produced (Yay! She's excited and we're proud!!).

Alana thinks the Memphis detectives are really great... In fact, not too long ago, she made them this banana pudding which is so good you'll want to die for it... whoops, bad pun, since she follows these detectives around filming MURDERS! I couldn't do it- I would faint. But anyway, Alana had 'experienced' this to-die-for banana pudding at Magnolia's Bakery in NYC, and then found the recipe on the Net. She made it for us, too, on a visit home- that's where 5 of those 20 pounds came from!

I swear- it's so sinfully scrumptious you won't believe it! Just thinking about it makes me gain back the 5 pounds I lost... which I still promise to share how I did it. Not right now, though- business is cranking, and I need to go take care of that.

Just made our reservations for the end of August for the RiverPalmCottages Alana's fiance Ryan's Grandma's 80th birthday shindig, and I'm excited. The property was condemned, and 5 years ago, the new owners bought it and restored to its Old Florida glory. We'll (Bill, Gaga, and me) be in Unit #20- one of only 3 that still has the original Dade pine floors (the others were damaged beyond repair)- unfortunately, the Dade pine tree is now extinct. What a shame- these floors are absolutely gorgeous.

But anyway, this will be a much needed vacation, if Bill is OK to travel after his knee surgery coming up next week. He'll have physical therapy up to 3 months afterward, depending on what they find in the 'exploratory' surgery. Guess who will be driving him around- since it's his right knee. Plus he's not a good patient.

Don't you just hate that word 'exploratory'- makes you feel real confident about the doc 'exploring' parts of your body, best left alone. They're talking things like microfracture (can you spell 'breaking bones'?!) and cutting out bone from other parts of his knee and implanting bits and pieces. Of course, this is the worst case scenario- but even that is better than the tumor they thought he had originally. Thank you, dear God!!

Yahoo- John just showed up!! He's been on vacation and at work for the last 3 weeks, and we missed him. John is our amazing friend (and airline pilot with Bill at bankrupt Northwest Airlines) and has been helping us TREMENDOUSLY since we fired our builder. John and his wife Joyce are the salt-of-the-earth kind of people you appreciate so much having as friends!